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New logo

After 92% of supporters that responded to our public poll voted that we change the ActionSA logo over fighting the IEC in court, ActionSA has begun the process of redesigning our logo, and preparing it for resubmission to the IEC.

We never want to be a political party that is out of touch with the people of our country, and it is clear that South Africans are desperate for something new.

While we are very glad to have avoided a legal battle with the IEC, the hard work of re-engaging supporters, re-designing all marketing material, printing new t-shirts, and updating all banners with our new and improved logo, will soon have to begin, and this is not going to be a cheap exercise.

As such, we are asking supporters to please consider making a financial contribution so that we can achieve maximum reach with our new and improved branding as soon as possible after receiving approval from the IEC.

As a thank you, every single supporter that makes a contribution, no matter the size of their contribution, will get first view of our new logo.

Please consider making a contribution.

All donations are collected by The People’s Dialogue NPC for and on behalf of ActionSA and are used for the exclusive furtherance of ActionSA.

For helping us update all our branding, every contribution will mean first access to the updated ActionSA logo.

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