A Vision for a Prosperous and Inclusive South Africa:

It's time to stand together to fix South Africa.

Now, more than ever, we must come together in our hundreds; thousands; and millions to start the hard work of getting South Africa working.

Hope is not lost. Despite all the negativity, corruption, and the challenges we face, we CAN and MUST build an inclusive, and more prosperous South Africa.

But, to do this we must ALL play our part.

We as ActionSA have a vision for this country that is backed by the hopes and dreams of the vast majority of South Africans.

Together with you, we are taking this vision to all corners of this country, to ensure that the people of South Africa join us in the vital work of unseating the ANC in more municipalities than ever before in 2021.

If you support this vision, please consider making a small donation to our 2021 election campaign fund. Every cent helps us share our vision and plans for a prosperous and inclusive South Africa with another potential supporter.

The time for talk is over. It's now time for ACTION!

All donations are collected by The People’s Dialogue NPC for and on behalf of ActionSA and are used for the exclusive furtherance of ActionSA.

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If you support our vision, please consider making a small donation to our 2021 election campaign. It's time for ACTION!

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