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Is this Free and Fair?

The IEC has refused to amend their draft ballot paper that excludes ActionSA's name, and leaves only a logo.

Example Ballot Paper

We are of the view that by refusing to remedy this issue, the IEC is in breach of its overarching responsibilities to ensure free and fair elections – a critical component of which is ensuring voters are able to identify their political parties in various ways that include the party logo, party name, acronym and party leaders.

If you stand with us, please consider making a contribution to the legal fund that will support our efforts as we take the IEC on in court. We will not rest, even if it means heading to the highest court in the land.

There is no provision in law which limits or empowers the IEC to rely solely on a party’s registration documentation for the construction of ballot papers – our law remains silent on what information goes into a ballot paper. In the absence of such provisions of legislation, the IEC must act in the interests of free and fair elections and administrative justice.

There now seems to be a continue pattern of decisions made against the interests of ActionSA and its supporters.

Our brief time as a political party has been beset by issues with the IEC. We have been refused registration as a party, our candidates excluded from the candidate list due to a 'clerical error' and we must endure an arbitrary refusal to reflect ActionSA equally on the ballot papers.

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Contribute to the Legal Fund that will support our efforts to ensure ActionSA is given a free and fair chance in this election.

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